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Its perfect! Although I can see ive made the size of the badge waaay to small and I have the memory for a goldfish I cant remember where I changed it.. Can u maybe be helpful with that too?And thank u so much for your help with the movement of the sa...
yeah, sure!  Thank u so much for wanting to help my little website I really appreciate your passion! I´ll look forward to accept your request:)
but ive added them again  So its easier for you 
i removed my products because I removed the code from my store so u could enter it.. I just need the information where to code and what, please 
because its not ready to open yet, but I will remove it so u can check
Hi there I totally forgot to add it in my..I hope this is the one. 87f08c-5.myshopify.comHope this is the one and thank you
I would like to move the sale badge from the picture to under the price. I know it needs coding and I´ve checked several places where to edit it but i cant find it, can someone please help. Thank you! Ive added to pictures one of my website (left) an...
I fixed it myself never mind For others who might run into the same issue heres what I did.shopify.admin - Themes - press the ... - edit codes - search for card-product.liquid - find the show-badges mine were at line 132 - remove the "<span id="NoMe...
Ive searched all over to find out how to show clearly on the collection productgrid the percentage the costumer will save but somehow I cant find anything about it anywhere and it only shows a yellow dot.. but when I click the product it look totally...
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