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I can't see those when I go to edit code.
Hello, The menu columns don't like evenly spaced/centered on mobile, is there a way to change without effecting on desktop? Specifically want the "Our Policies" column more to the right so it's in line with text below it and not too much to the left....
Hi, How do I change the text size in this rich text section on my homepage? I'd like it 1 size smaller. ThanksThank you. 
Hello, my SSL has been pending for over 48 hours. Wondering if my dns records through go daddy are accurate. When I put in my domain the website shows all messed up as well..   
There was an option to select banner height and chose "adapt to first image" and that worked. Thank yo
Hello, The 2nd image banner on my page isn't optimized for mobile.I've looked at other posts and tried copying and pasting in base.css the code the said but doesn't work.  Please help, thank you.
Hi, currently there’s a 'Shop' section in my navigation menu, and once clicked it shows all products, but I want it to be separated by the core and the premium collections.  I want the 'Shop' in the menu to have an option when it's clicked to show 'C...
I added a rich text section under my image banner, I want the background of just that section to be black with white text. How do I change it without changing the whole colors of the page? Thank you!   
Thanks. What code can I add to that to make the color white?
Hello, I'd like to add my logo instead of 'My store' in my header for both web and mobile optimized. Any help would be appreciated, as I'm very new to shopify. Thank you.
Hi, I'd like to change announcement bar color to red and also bold the text.Thank
Thanks, the Customer Care &  Our Policies columns became on even, how do I fix?
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