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 How and where can i get this exact review/recommended section?
also didnt work unfortunately I do not know what the problem is
i dont think there is a theme customization for this since this is not the case for products that are on sale, it is a issue that needs to be coded i think. my theme is refresh
unfortunately it did not work 
I need the orange pulse (which is a icon with text) to be only for products in sale and the i need the green pulse to be on product pages for products that are not in sale. 
unfortunately it did not work, it only pushed pictures more to the right side of the screen i need the picutures to cover the whole screen. 
hey i am now working on the menu, but the font is not the same as the normal font as you can see in the picture, how can i match the menu font to the text font?
this space is there only for products that are not on sale/do not have a discount. how do i get this space away? Store Url: 
i have been trying different codes for my refresh theme store but nothing seems to be working so far. the spacing between the product images on the product page need to be reduced to no space at all. STORE URL:  CODE I HAV...
the thumbnail images on my website are too big, how do i reduce the size of them? STORE URL: 
how do i change this to bold?
no this has not been done yet, still needs to be done actually.
no i still didnt solve the problem. what do you mean with try it in you theme code file?
STORE URL: this is how it needs to look like. 
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