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Wow, thank you Steve, this worked like magic, I can't thank you enough. I wish you the best of weekends, you have earned it!Good cheersDavid
Hello, I need help to change the color on my buttons on my product page to color #007744, as well as the space behind the number for choosing quantity, (kvantitet). See below url for example the sho...
Thank you very much sir, much appreciated,take careDavid
Hello i wish to change the color of the text for my entire website to the color F8D26BFor example: help is much appreciated!Best wishesDavid
Thank you for taking the time, I got the issue resolved from the comment above, Have a great weekend, Kind regardsDavid
I found it, thank you very much! If i wish to change the color of the text to #F8D26B, do i put it in here somewhere as well? Change text for the complete site I mean. Deeply appreciated!Kind regardsDavid
Hello, thank you for you help Anshul, my theme liquid file is not the same as CSS code right? Not sure if I understand where I am to enter the codeAgain, thank you very much for taking the time to help! Kind regardsDavid 
Hello,I wish to change the background color for this blog post page: somone know what to do? Color code is #007744Any help is much appreciated!Kind regards
Wow, it worked like magic! I can't thank you enough, cheers!Love David
Hi!I hadn't saved it, now it should be visible on homepage, thanks!
Hello, I have problem in my store, when i add a picture with text, it still leaves the end of the left and right side in white colour even tho i put my colour theme on, it looks really weird and I can't find any setting to change it.Store url: https:...
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