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Hey there!The event listener code is : const questionHeaders = document.querySelectorAll(".faq-page-question-header");questionHeaders.forEach((header) => {header.addEventListener("click", () => {header.parentElement.classList.toggle("active");});}); ...
Hi everyone!Hope you're all doing well - wanted to ask a quick question regarding our shopify store. I've created a FAQ template on the pages section such that, I'm able to edit it through shopify itself (as you can see from the screenshot). 'The onl...
Hi, I've been testing and this is still not working on my end. Not sure why. Cheers, Daniel
Hi Zanya,  Hope you're doing well - is this for the dawn theme? I don't seem to see '''_this2.element.querySelector('.header__cart-count').textContent = _this2.itemCount;​''' line of code
@PageFly-Richard Apologies, we just managed to solve it! Thanks so much for this - you're absolutely amazing
To clarify, we're on Dawn 2.0, v12
Hi @PageFly-Richard , I don't seem to see lines 48 onwards -  
Hi @LitCommerce ,  I've created a new question here: https://community.shopify.com/c/shopify-design/dawn-theme-blurry-hero-image/m-p/2325134#M613528.  Cheers
For reference, please check the preview link: https://jusbh12pdecmfaxd-78359003442.shopifypreview.com
Using the Dawn theme and the hero image is super blurry. I've made the dpi to 300, compressed it and it still is super blurry. I've separated between mobile and web images - the mobile images load fine, but the desktop isn't optimised. 
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