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Hi Paul.  Just following up on my last message that didn't get a reply?  Thanks for your help!
Thank you for your response Paul.  I am pretty well versed in how fulfillment orders work.  What I am reporting here is that the Shopify Flow action for "Send Fulfillment Request" is just gone.  It is no longer an option when searching for this actio...
What happened to the action in the Shopify Flow app to "Send Fulfillment Request"?  I have it stored in some of my existing workflows and it still works as intended, but it is not available to add as an action to any new workflows when you search for...
Thanks for all your help.  Pretty surprising to me that Shopify doesn't do this natively in some fashion.  How about this "hacky" workaround.  I have a fulfillment app location that is my source of truth for inventory, and then I create another Shopi...
Thanks Paul for the response.  Could you provide me an example of what it would look like for the initial flow when a new order is placed.  For example, a 2-item order gets placed for 1 quantity each.  Only 1 of the products is in stock.  I want it t...
I want to create a workflow that gets triggered when an order is created that only sends a fulfillment request to a fulfillment service for the items on the order that are currently in stock.  Then, later down the road when the out of stock items bec...
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