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We are using Shopify Email for newsletter campaigns.We keep getting this error message "There are errors in your campaign that may cause problems with publishing" upon sending emails, and then only 94% of my emails are actually delivered. Since last ...
Hy, My concern is i wanted to edit the action for my footer form how can i do it this is my form post method at store front And this the form code at my footer.liquid where can i find this word (customer) in my form 
Hy,I have one issue if a customer already subscribed to our newsletter emails and again if he will place order from our store and check the newsletter email checkbox at checkout, he is getting gain the same automation(Welcome new Subscribe) and its g...
Hy,I accidentally deleted the draft product from my product list which is no longer available on my store and now i need to make a report of customers who brought that deleted product. How can i extract it from Customer -> Segment. Is there any speci...
Yah i know the little bit but i am not much prominent with the liquid code still learning things, it will great help for me if you or anybody could help me with the code    
Hy, i need to customized my multicolumn section and i am using drawn theme 12.0.0. Like the product card image when user hover, it should show the second image. Basically i wanted to add one more image on multicolumn section and there should be a che...
I wanted to generate a discount code for the customers who will purchase third time on my store is there any way to do it please help  
hi julie, we are having a same problem ( ) this is our store link, meta pixel helper shows us 3 different pixels firing but i can only able to see one pixel id at my store backend i also check my theme.liquid file i couldn't ...
is there any way to fix it 
I am getting the same error also the manual sent option which was displayed before on abandoned checkout page is gone now  
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