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Hi Fiona, Unfortunately, even though the traffic numbers shown in Shopify analytics have increased since switching over to Shopify's Privacy and Compliance app (cookie banner solution), it's still far from what it should be, so the issue is still ong...
Hi all, the issue has finally resolved itself for me (I think - fingers crossed). Since switching over to Shopify's Privacy and Compliance app (and deleting all other cookie / consent apps), my statistics have finally picked up again, the curve liter...
Hi all, just thought I would share the latest information I have received from Shopify support yesterday.Because of European data tracking (cookie consent) legislation, an update went out on October 31st that forces merchants to have a solution in pl...
Hi Fiona, so sorry to hear you're losing your mind too over this! It's the same with us, our GA4 is showing the same low traffic as Shopify. It's such a pain. Initially Shopify advised me to clear all caches and cookies and to delete any third party ...
Has anyone found a solution to this problem? For us it also started between the 8th and 9th of November and is still ongoing. Shopify support is not helping and keeps closing the ticket! I am losing my mind,
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