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What i am gathering is Shopify has no actual support of it's own. It relies on the good will of others and all the other frustrated individuals with similar problems to find each other on line and hope one of them has found a solution to any of the l...
So all i have to do is learn a new programming language; write a script and i am all set. Wow - how easy. I am seriously thinking of trashing this whole thing and moving to WIX.
This is the file Shopify exported with apx 11,000 items. No images, no metadata fieldsHandleTitleOption1 NameOption1 ValueOption2 NameOption2 ValueOption3 NameOption3 ValueSKU HS CodeCOOLocationIncomingUnavailableCommittedAvailableOn hand
I have added 20 New Metafields to my product data.i have 10,500 products to add data to for each new field.I have ready data to populate the fields with a csv. upload file.How do i download a template From Shopify with the new metadata field headers?...
So In effect - I have to overwrite the entire database of 10,000 items to add the images. I need each image to have a separate row / line, with all the possible data on each line with each image URL address, image position and image data? 
So, according to you csv, one cannot just append the file and add the images. The other data will be overwritten as blank if all possible attribute values are not included. (This is NOT what is written in the help pages) but I tested it and it seems ...
My store is complete.I need to open the store.Apparently i am suppose to test the checkout.The feature to turn the shopping cart to test is NOT THERE.How do I re-set it?
I need the instructions to upload 10,000 images in bulk and then associate the images with my products that are already uploaded.I have over 10,000 images file to match to them.I want to upload the images to the Shopify server and then download the U...
I am moving my store to Shopify.I have 10,500 plus images to upload.Does Shopify have an image hosting system that will provide me the URLs to attach to my product files? Where do i find it ?
IMAGEBAMIs another service under consideration.
I am in the process of choosing an Image hosting service.My requirements are a little unusual.I do not have suppliers who provide images. I have to take my own.Currently I have 10,000 plus skus. Each has 10 images 4MG each and am adding products dail...
Thank you for your reply.I made some edits and cut down the file size and got it to upload.The issue appears to be the overall size of the file.Despite being the same number of rows  (2,500) - this file was larger than the others due to data content....
We are migrating our Website to Shopify. 10,000 items with 10-12  4MG image files ea.The previous site had all images hosted internally.Shopify appears to require a 3rd party host for URLs. We need a host with compression ability to optimize load spe...
Uploading new inventory to store via CSV. 10,500 items total. To maintain 15MG limit we divided into 4 batches of 2,500 items per upload (apx. 7MG ea.) First two uploads - worked with minor expected issues. (ie.) duplicates skus etc. Third upload was...
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