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Hey Victoria,  Just needing a reply if possible to my last comment, thank you.
Hey Victoria,After clicking "my admin" it takes me to the page which shows I have no store and tells me to open a new one, this is not helping.  I'm not getting the same options as you probably because you have an active store or different privilages...
Hey Victoria,  When I click " account support" it takes me to the following screenshot which is not the same as the one you listed in your reply, I've clicked on view account settings etc and it takes me no where, so still stuck at the start.   
Hey Victoria,  Please read my previous message and get back to me, so far there has been no solution, just constantly advising on help I can't obtain, no refund or process started. 
 Hey Victoria, Once again & final time, I cannot get access to a support advisor without a store, please refer to screenshot, the "connect with a support advisor without a store" is not clickable or even an option without a store. Can you please get ...
Hey Victoria, It's been 2 days now since you replied, could you please reply to my last comment, really need help sorting this before I get charged again and also to get my refund. thanks.
Hey Victoria,  Could I please get a reply to my last message regarding my screenshot? thanks.
Hey Victoria, Once again, this is the issue I'm having please see screenshot for reference, I can't get actual support from a real person this way as I mentioned I don't have an active store:  
They help assistant is of no help, it's AI, not able to help get me in contact with a real agent without having an active store, that is my problem.
Hey Victoria,  That's my problem I can't get in contact with a help center assistant, there is no way for me to get to this point, If I was able to speak with one of them I would more than likely be able to have fixed this now, but I can't could you ...
Hey Victoria,  I've done all of the above however I'm not able to speak to a real person without an active store, there is no where I can see to actually get some help regarding this issue. The recovery tool didn't do anything all it did was link me ...
Hey Shay,  I'm having the exact same issue, I've created a post about this but need imediate help if you could assist as I can see from your reply I could trust you'd be able to assist, my post is:
I was charged $76.69NZD for a closed account that has been closed for months now. I do not have a second account with any stores open or active plans, I've gone through and checked all of them.I've also checked all my emails linked to shopify and can...
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