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Hello, I am trying to have metafields show up in my Taste theme product description but I am unable to do so. I want to show USDA and Canada organic logos with the products and for that I have added a Metafield under 'Products' which is a file type. ...
I actually just tried it by creating a new default blog template as the original one was deleted and it worked beautifully! Thank you so much for all your help. I was trying to resolve this for days and finally found a solution to it  
Thanks for the above detail. Before I try it, actually, in the process of creating the custom templates, I deleted the default 'News' blog. Is there a way that I can bring it back or use the above solution some other way? 
The issue is I am not using the default blog template for all blogs. I want featured products at the end of each blog post, which will feature different products for each blog, so I have created stand alone templates for each blog post. So, I want al...
Hi, My store URL is 
Hello, I am using 'Taste' theme and have created multiple blog posts with various templates to display on the website. I created different templates because I need to show different featured products at the bottom of each blog page, based on the cont...
Hello, I am using 'Taste' theme and unfortunately this solution does not work for that anymore. I have looked through the code and I cannot find {{ page.content }} anywhere in that code when a new template is created. Do you know something may have c...
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