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My question is how can I increase the font size of "© 2024 Mais" in the footer.
Hi In the footer I can't increase the size of the phrase "© 2024 Mais" Have any ideia? RegardsPedro Matos  
Hi. Thanks a lot. It's OK now. CheersPedro
Hi,What I think is that the code you sent me is applying to all sections and not just the one I want (which is one that has customized html).How can you change it to only affect that section? ThanksPedro
Hi, I added the code but it ends up unformatting the page:  Can you help me? ThanksPedro 
Hi, I'm using custom html (in a section) to display a widget (which is the image above).But the image is short and does not show the full height.Widgets rules say that is important to set a specific height of Parent Element for widget to Work properl...
Hello,I don't have a file called theme.scss.css, but I changed it on file theme.scss.liquid.Did not work. The section doesn't stretch in height and that's what I needed.Can you please help?ThanksPedro
Hello, Store URL: No CSS code yet. HTML:<!-- TradingView Widget BEGIN --><div class="tradingview-widget-container"><div class="tradingview-widget-container__widget"></div><div class="tradingview-widget-copyright"><a href="https...
Hello, I'm sorry but I already managed to resolve the previous questions.Now the problem is that I can't set the height of the html block. The image is cropped in height. Can you help me? ThanksPedro
Hi, I insert some HTML code in a block, but the image is leaning to the left and I wanted it to be centered on the page.Additionally, the image is not mobile responsive.Can you help me? ThanksPedro 
Hi DanLink: forgot to mention that the change that I need in the text size is in mobile. Thanks
Hi, I'm trying to change the size of the text (in mobile) of the featured content section of my Debutify theme. I tried css code but I'm not getting it.   Can you please help? ThanksPedro 
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