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Ooops never mind I found a way to do it! I simply added this to the elements' individual CSS coding. div { color: black !important; } 
Hello!  It's me again. I am almost happy with my site! I just have one last issue - since Headers and Links are connected to the same color on the Debut theme, my Product links are currently invisible. I would like to change my product link colours t...
Nevermind I got it working! Thank you so much!
Hi there, Sadly this doesn't seem to be working? It appears to be staying white on my end
Hi, Unfortunately, this doesn't appear to have worked. I am not seeing any difference.
Hi, This changed the background of the whole header. That is not what I am wanting to do. What ZenoPageBuilder posted above is what I am hoping to do.
Hi,I don't see Base.css as an option in Shopify Admin.
Hello, I'd like to have the current active navigation link in the Header a different colour (#0D4848) than the rest of the navigation to make it more obvious which tab you are currently on. I've included a screenshot from the parent site for referenc...
Is there an equivalent code for the Debut theme? I don't want underlines in my header at all
Hello,I'm not entirely sure if this is part of the Header or the Title.I am trying to either get rid of the little orange box above "Products" on the page below or change its colour so it is the same shade as the Products title box. Specifically on t...
Ok perfect it is now visible! The only issue now is the orange does not extend all the way across the top as seen here:'d like the whole area where it says "Products" to be the same color if possib...
Ok I found a new issue. When I add it to Theme.css and save it, it is not visible on my site. If I add it to the custom CSS box under Theme Settings I can see it, but I cannot save it.It also appears to be changing part of my Header - note the sand c...
Hello, I would like to change the background color of the body of my Collection pages - if I go to change it in Settings it changes the Header background too which I do not wantStore: in question: https://van...
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