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I think you can’t apply a discount for all products at once. You will have to do each product manually.
You mean you dont know where to remove it ? I would suggest:1. Go to your Dashboard2. Click on "Products"3. Click on the desired Product4. Empty the field Comparision Price Hope this helps
Hey There, I've tried to find someting about how to change a Liquid code operator like " {% if == 8841903374659 %} " with a JS script to something likefunction changeProductId() { var ProductId = 32845384252/* --> overwriting the current L...
I am making progress and now it looks like the value for the "random_id" item isnt recognized in the if-loop. I think its because of the format because when i compare it to the actual product ID it works fine. {% assign collection = collections['TEST...
i think .size is wrong because it returns the number of characters in a string or the number of items in an array. Not the value
Awesome thank you ! But is there a logic behind numbers of the Product ID ? Because i am looking for a range to select them randomly
I have the following code and i am trying to display a specific product by the value in the Array "products" . Is this possible ? My goal is to have the opportunity to call a random product by its ID in a specific collection. Thanks for your help ! {...
Hey, i wanted to create a custom Collection display where you can swipe through different products. Can you help me to find out how i can call Items from a specific collection to display the Image, price and so on in a custom Liquid ? Even if someone...
Actually i solved it myself, my solution was to move the image banner below with "Position: relative" to the top to overlap the white border. afterwards i've done some paddings and margins et voila.... it works  Thanks for your help anyway ! 
I followed your steps and still the header is not transparent ( I did change the opacity to 0.5 to check if it works like that).  I made it with sticky-header {opacity: 0.7;}to almost look like i wanted. unfortunately i got a white frame below now.
Hello there, I wanted to adjust the background color opacity of the Header. I am currently using Dawn 12.0  
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