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You never know until you buy.Shopify don't care about scammers, many scam shops are working without any problems.I'm starting to think that Shopify is covering them for money.
Hi there,using Shopify GraphQL admin API I can get order financial status and fulfillment status — but I can't find how can I see the entire order status, I can't see if the order was cancelled, archived, etc.How can I get that status?
What can I say... I also tried to ask Shopify Support, they told me that they will ask their technical team and will let me know soon. And guess what happened? Nothing, as usual, they just don't care.
So Shopify staff just ignores users and their requests..."Perfect", absolutely "incredible" platform and staff.Bravo.
Hello Shay,I have the same problem, reported a week ago, created a post here — — and still nothing, I didn't get any reply.It seems like Shopify ignores such problems,...
Hi there!A month ago, on Dec 16 2023, I've been scammed by a shop that is working on Shopify.Today I've created a report using this form — and haven't received any response. How can I make sure that support received my message?(Maybe it's worth creat...
Yeah, forgot to mention that: I've enabled dynamic checkout buttons on Dawn theme — but it shows just the "But with Shop Pay" button and the link saying "More payment options" that leads to checkout. This snippet is implemented with this tag:{%- if s...
Hey mate,thanks, Apple Pay is already enabled and displayed on checkout.I need to add that button to the store — to the product page.
Hi there! How can I add the Apple Pay button to the product page? I don't need any other buttons, just this one. I've found some working examples but still can't find any info how it may be implemented. Thanks in advance!
Hey Ethansz, where can I find and connect that Shopify Flow to Slack integration?
Yes, the sum of the prices of all products — before applying any discounts, taxes, shipping, etc.
Hi there,I need to check the order amount before applying the discount, but I can't find this variable in the Flow app.Does it even exist?
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