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thanks that worked but how can i edit it so that the product info stays centered on mobile
Hi im using the Bundle bear volume discount app, and im wondering how i can get rid of the buy button integrated with the app so that the product page only shows the theme generated "add to cart" and "buy now" buttons but also links them to the bundl... would either like to align the header to the left or the pr...
Hi im wondering how i can align my product page heading to the left without changing the heading alignment of all other pages
If i am dropshipping from china to the United States do i need to select all 50 states to collect sales tax from or just the state I am located
I am collecting taxes in the US, when I simulate a checkout through my store it does not seem like sales tax is being added to the order total since the subtotal and the total are the same price, how can i fix this?
I've already deleted "powered by shopify" from the footer, wondering how i can replace "my store" with my stores name
that worked but now it just says "ⓒ2023," how can i get it to display that followed by my stores name   
i dont see any option to uncheck "my store" in the footer customization
I've already deleted "powered by shopify" from the footer but now it says "my store" how can i get rid of this?
Hi im doing the steps you provided but its not removing the search button, am i missing something
the store isn't live yet so i don't have a url, the theme im using is EcomKingEcomifyThemeLite
does anyone have the correct code for adding a multicolumn section with images and text to my shopify store, i tried copying the code for it from the refresh theme but when i add it to my store all of the customization options say "missing translatio...
Which portion of the code would i add the box shadow css to? <sectionid="image-with-text-{{ }}"class="image-with-text enter-view overflow-hidden {{ bg_color }} {{ section.settings.text_align }} {{ pt }} {{ pb }} {{ mt }} {{ mb }}"><div cla...
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