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Hello everyone!I have a question regarding the product listing - is it possible to hide a picture to only appear once customers press on a specific variant of the product? So basically, it shouldn't be shown in the main gallery of the product page.Th...
Hello everyone!I need some help with setting up my social media sharing image and description. I have set everything in the preferences - the Home page title, meta description and the social media sharing. However, when I share the link with someone ...
Thank for your reply Abdosamer!Yes, I tried to upload it with woff2/woff but it seems like it hasn't worked.Best Wishes,Farid Mirzayev
Hello guys!Could somebody help me out on how I can add a custom font type to shopify?Thank you in advance!
Yes, I can explain - I mean any font from the web, for instance I am trying to upload Mons Olympia font.My theme: DawnLink to the store: goldenlifters.comThank you for your reply!
Hello guys!Could somebody help me out on how I can add my own font type to shopify?Thank you in advance!
Hello Henry,Thank you very much for your help! Have a wonderful day!Best Wishes,Farid
Hello everyone!I need some help with the background image in my menu. I have changed it to an image and everything looks good on the PC version, but in the mobile version the picture gets rescaled and very zoomed in. Is there any way to prevent that ...
Hello Henry,Yes, your solution has worked - thank you very much!Best Wishes,Farid
Yes, sorry for the confusion - i mean the header(specified with the red rectangle on the picture)
Yes, this has worked perfectly!Thank you very much!
Hello everyone!Need a little help with a very simple issue. I would like to remove the black outline from the picture in the "image and text banner". Could somebody please help me out?(Picture attached)Link to the website: goldenlifters.comPicture:Si...
Hello everyone!I need some help with changing the background of my main menu banner - I need to change it to a specific picture instead of a color, could somebody please help me out? (Picture attached)Link to the shop: goldenlifters.comSincerely,Fari...
Hey Oliver!Thank you for your response,I have followed the instructions and it seems like nothing has changed, do you think there is something else we can try?Appreciate it.Sincerely,Farid
Hello,Thank you for proposed solution!I have tried it but it seems like there has been no changes, do you think there are any other possible solutions we can implement?Sincerely,Farid
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