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Hi, how do I increase the width of the field in my newsletter? My text is cut off. Site: 
Hi, I put the absolute function in, so that my newsletter would center to page border. Is there a workaround code for this?
Hi, On Mobile Only how do I move the Social Media Icon underneath Email Newsletter Input?site:  
Thank you! Do you also know how to apply this code to the price? It’s underneath the title but is in white so it is hard to notice.
Hi. The color is linked for all my product title text. I want to keep my text white on my Product Grid Container but change text colors on my Related Products only. How do I specifically and isolate text color on Related Products only? Is this possib...
Hi, this worked for the Buy Button, but not for the Variant Options.Is there a code for that?  
Hi, not sure what I did but on my desktop, I need help centering my variant + buy button as it shifted left.Site: pass: koredoko
Hi, is there a way to isolate the text to change the colors only for this portion instead?The code applies to all my component cards and is distorting my original product grid.
Hi, my text is white, so I would like to center the text at the center of my related product image.Is this possible?  site: koredoko
hi thank you! do you also know how to set my footer to stay at the bottom of the page?
Thank you that worked! Do you also know how to set my footer to stay at the bottom of page? or justify the content on the page?
Hi, trying to troubleshoot an issue. My menu moves to the right only on my About page.How do I fix this? koredoko
Thank you! This worked.By any chance, is there another way to isolate it to be BLUE for the "RELATED PRODUCTS SECTION"? Keeping the product grid as is.
Hi, I have tried everything but the price color seems to be linked throughout all appearances.GOAL:KEEP TEXT BLUE ON PRODUCT PAGE—CHANGE PRICE COLOR TO WHITE, ONLY ON THE PRODUCT CARD CONTAINERIs there a way to isolate this? I would like to keep it a...
Hi, is there a way to make the collapsible tabs align vertically?I want it to look like this: However, on dawn, it appears horizontally: Site: koredoko
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