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Blog section still seems to be not affected 
I'm trying to center all of the main headings of each section of my shop but it I can't seem to center the one for the blog section. Store link: I'm using these codes to center the collections and featured. .collection__...
This is my shopify store: want to replicate the footer that this page has:  Specifically the contact us section that they have This is how my footer looks like, not sure if its just th...
I want to replicate the menu that this site has: is my store: I want to at least have a contact number in the same general location as jennifer furniture. Also is it possible to rep...
Thank you this works!
How can I give you access to the theme files?
Yes please let me know the code for it
Is there a way to retain the functionality of the menu link being an active clickable link while also being used as a mega menu? I'm using code to make the mega menu appear on hover.This website shows how I'd like the navigation to function, they hav...
Ok thank you for identifying the problem, I was using this code to remove the background from the text but it turns out there was a setting that removes it for the desktop view. So I removed the code now and it came back..slideshow__text.banner__box ...
Everything looks good on desktop but when I switch to mobile the text on the hero section disappears as well as the dark overlay and I'm not sure how to fix this, I'd also like to have the button be on the image as well like on the desktop Desktop  M...
That worked well, thank you!
How do I adjust the padding between the logo area and the quick links?It's the area I marked with red. Store link: 
Thank you that solved the problem!
Hi I managed to make the mega menu be in a horizontal arrangement but now when I hover over the vanities section, the menu items seems to go on forever to the right and there is a scroll bar. I would like to have the menu items go to the next line if...
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