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It still didn't work. I put it at the bottom of base.css
Hi! I need my homepage image to take up the full screen on mobile. Is there a way to do this without code or do I need code? I can resize my image if needed. Thank you! https://allcountrynoclub.co/ Reference:  
So you can't make the header transparent in the Dawn theme?
I am adding a light image to the homepage so that won't be a problem. Also, can't I change the text color? I used a CSS code to make the header transparent. How did it break things? If I started fresh, Can you provide a code to make the header transp...
Hi, can you help me with the CSS?
 My transparent header in the Dawn theme is overlapping on every page. How do I make this not overlap?  
Sure! What do you need from me? 
Would the name of the file be the code? SYCC_logo_white_3bcfce9c-7e17-44f5-ae7c-337474500324
Also, how do I get the code file?
Hi @sahilsharma9515 now I need my logo to be on top of a static hero image. Do I need code to do this? 
Thank you! I would need the code. I eventually want to put a video as the banner with the logo over it. Can this be done?
Hi @sahilsharma9515 I just want my logo over the banner image, not in the header. 
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