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if customer purchased an order with CN , the line_item.title will capture the CN title of the product of the line .once customer access order detail page ,  it will display CN even in a EN site. may I know how can i translate the line_item.title in t...
below are the video of the test
nope , our testing team tested with this scenario , it would resume once we revert the checkout upgrade & appear again after we upgrade .
hi , @Liam  , may I know is there any update ?
Now , we are using langify to support 2 different language in our store ,  & translate the checkout page by JS in checkout.liquid .   May I know any solution that once I upgrade to new chekcout extensionbility? is there any method can switch between ...
Yes, I am also using ngrok as a temporary solution to this issue. However, I am very curious as to why I can't use it as expected. Logically, there should be a good reason for Cloudflare to be the default tool.
after I run the npm run dev , it prompted as below : Could not start Cloudflare tunnel: unknown error. anyone can help ?
yes , it is the test CC : 424242.....
but as you known , we seems cannot have a dynamic collection by the customer tag .
hi , Priyank ,  nope , we are using the shopify payment with test mode .
customer cannot checkout ,  may I know why ?
we have a business rule that to avoid customer (with certain customer tag) to view specified prodcut in our store. but when we try to hide with below liquid in our collection page :  {% for product in collection.products %} {% unless product.tags co...
As Shopify native search functinon doesn't support Chinese well , & we'd like to sync the products to our own DB , then use Vector search with Azure.May I know what's the best practice to call the search API , & display the product result in my shopi...
After I tried to upgrade the checkout extensibility , below 2 scenarios will trigger bug when I using Ajax API for adding product to cart. 1.   customer tried to add 10 qty product which has only 5 inventory left into his/her cart       in original v...
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