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Hi and thx again.  I just bought you a coffee.  How can we move forward with modifying the code.  I removed the code already but I can start over. 
G33kgirl - that is exactly the problem.  When tagging the customers the spelling is case sensitive....and for my situation it has to be lower case.  Every time I try and tag a customer, it auto-populates as a Capital "P".  I was on shopify support an...
Hi G33kgirl - I have an enterprise theme and I installed the code from
For those of us that are a bit challenged - step by step detail is the best way to assist.  I cannot see the "bulk update inventory".  Am I supposed ot go into the Tik Tok shop? Or in the main shopify page where I see all the products?  STEP BY STEP ...
When you say edit them in shopify.  What field on the product page am I editing?  product title? Sku? SEO section.  Is it possible to just list a step by step for the group.  Sorry for asking but THANKS if you can.  I'm a bot challenged here.
I'm having the same solution and I don't want to pay for another 3rd party app to fix this.
Hello  I need to Paste a facebook  meta-tag into the <head> ... <head> section of the website's home page HTML source, and publish the page.  I am using the Enterprise theme and I followed instructions and a video ...but I do not see the words "Head"...
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