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After a customer makes an order on the checkout confirmation page, there is a checkbox labeled "Email me with news and offers" that cannot be ticked. The Dev Console network tab clearly shows that the Shopify backend returns an error. Is there any so...
Hi Liam, thanks for taking the time to reply. The session cookie is set by the backend, so I don't believe the browser has any effect on it. I've found this page ( and I believe the cookie '_secure_session_id' is...
Hi,I was wondering if there is any admin option or easy customization on the code side to keep the customer logged in for at least one month.Thank you.
Hi, I'm also looking for a way to extend the user session. Does your solution already work? Is it possible to share more details about the implementation? Thank you.
Hey Liam, thanks for detailed instructions.I will explore that option. Best,Marko
Hi Liam, method applyCartDiscount` in the Cart API is exactly what I need but not sure how to use it since the link you gave leads to POS documentation and I need to use it inside online? Is applyCartDiscount part of Storefront API? Is there any othe...
Hi,I'm looking for a way to apply a custom discount (fixed amount) depending on how many loyalty points a customer has. Here is the step-by-step process:A registered customer adds a product to the cart.The customer goes to checkout, and let's say the...
Same here... did you manage to solve it?
Hi, thank you for replying.  I went to store Admin->Settings->Store details, you can see below the business address is in Croatia. Do I need to change it somewhere else?
Hi, I would like to know why Stripe is still marked as unavailable in Croatia despite the fact it's fully supported in Croatia? Here is the screenshot from official Stripe website and here is the screenshot from Shopify admin when trying to add Strip...
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