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Hi, Should the non-primary top-level domains (TLD) be submitted to Google Search Console as separate properties?I have done that and am getting warnings and errors reported by Google Search Console. What are the best practices in this regard? How wil...
Just follow @donnamac solution. Create a couple of simple feed rules.
I was about to tell you to look at @donnamac 's solution.
Thanks for that.For now, I'll not go into modifying the code. I think I can get the conversions recorded in Google Ads on primary and other target country TLDs if I use Google & YouTube App for the primary domain and Multifeed app for the others.
Hi Donnamac,Thank you for letting us benefit from your hard work. I'll give it a go now and update you. I am considering learning more about Feed Rules because that will be needed again. If, in future, there is a mix of products that requires both pe...
My errors are not going away even if I directly put the values in GMC. How did you do it?
And also please tell me where I do copy this code if I have to go in this direction? Thanks
Thanks for that. I want to get things done without touching the code. Maybe Google & YouTuber App will get some updates in this regard.
I tried this setup. However, I could not configure Google Analytics and conversions for non-primary target markets' TLDs (one ****. com and other ****.nz  and my primary market is **** I intend to run Google Ads PMax campaigns for each target ...
Thanks for the reply. I tried your suggestions, but they're not meant for TLDs used for markets other than the main market. My main/primary market's TLD is, and the other two domains for target markets are .com and .nzThanks
Please share ideas on how I can get Google Analytics connected to the second (non-primary) target market's domain. Also, I don't think even Shopify's Analytics that data is flowing.
Although the attribute values seem to be updated in the products now but but the warnings are not going about yours?
I think this is how it should be done ... ???  
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