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GreetingsI'd like to sync the inventory I manage in my administrative software with the Shopify inventory using APIs. I have come to think that I would have a problem when an order is completed, when the "fulfilled order" button is pressed, it will s...
Greetings, As the title says, my automated collecion doesnt work anymore. I´ve created a collection called "SALE" for products that are on sale. I made it automated where the condition was "if product comparison is higher than 1". After that it worke...
this is my code:{% # theme-check-disable LiquidTag, TemplateLength %}{%- liquidassign has_mega_nav_pills = falseassign has_mega_nav_columns = falseassign has_mega_nav_sidebar = falseif section.blocks.size > 0for block in section.blocksif block.type =...
Ok , do I send you here the header liquid code right ?
Greetings,I would like to add a new icon redirecting to a page on my header just between my account and cart icons: And also on mobile and tablet view:I would really appreciate your help. 
Greetings, As the title says, i´m looking on how to display the eye icon in order to hide or show password on login and register forms and also move the "reset password text" to the bottom, example on my site:I have seen another store with my same th...
thank you so much for the answer, it solved my concern.
Greetings, I have a question related to inventory on Shopify. So i have on my physical store an admin system that handles all products and stock on my store, so my question is if i can synchronize my inventory on my admin with shopify´s inventory sys...
HI,I would like to translate the error message when you have to introduce the postal code on the checkout since i would be using this field for other information.  The text above is the one i want to translate.
It is the one called "NIT", this is a field another website en my country add in its shopify checkout.
Hi, It is an additional field for customer billing, since in my country it is used but it can be optional.
Greetings, I will like to add an extra field on to my checkout page, do any one know if tis possible with the basic plan? And if not, what other alternatives can i use?
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