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Hi Zaczee, IThank you for your help I have added it to the bottom of the custom.css and it is still showing two product descriptions.  Are you able to help anyfurther?  Thank you 
Hi, every one. Vitals made some changes which is great which was moving the product reviews and enabling me to have the product description under the product images. BUT they now I have double the descriptions. I want to remove the red and keep the y...
Hiya, so someone logged on and done it but unsure who it was, the vitals app records people acting a buyers. So who ever done this, this is what I want. Please reveal yourself   
Hi are you from Hanoi? I've had someone look at my website, and played about with it and they managed to move my product description? What they done was correct, but unsure if they took out the bottom product description. ?
Hiya,  No I want the product description to be displayed above the vital reviews but not on the right hand side I want them central. 
Hi everyone, my website password is: yitsoo I have been trying to move the product description to under the product images. please see imagesThis is the code that I found from another post here on shopify discussion, the co...
Hi all,  I have added a custom code  it has located it in the normal place then at the bottom.  I have looked at the settings I can change the location of the reviews but it then places it where the description is at the top.  Pulling my hair out and...
Ah amazing. Do you have any tips or suggestions at all for the coding? Thank you
Hi Gr_trading thanks so much for coming back to me, so this is what is happening when I input the code.  I believe it has something to do about the reviews from the vital.  Thank you 
Hi it hasn't worked unfortunately, it's put in a place I don't want very bottom of the page.
Hiya thank you for this - it's added the description at the bottom of my reviews on vitals. Thank you for trying 
Hi everyone!  I have found some articles on here and youtube videos on the infamous "how to move text under image" , sadly they haven't worked. This was the most recent code I done with the custom link and it didn't work <div class="page-width"><div...
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