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Thanks. How can I cancel them?
Hi, Shopify charged me shipping for 3 orders in test mode. Is this correct? I don't think I should be charged for anything that was under test mode.  Thanks. 
Hello, I've recently turned on my website and Facebook/Instagram channel and running into a sync issue. I've used Shopify as my data source for the Shop, when synced, the url for each product defaults to my website homepage vs. the individual product...
Amazing Sahil - appreciate your help 
I am yes, how do I grant you access to the product section?
Sorry I had to step away - Did you want to request access to the backend of my store?
For sure no problem!  The default location is Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I'm trying to add this too all products that have variants - the screenshot from my original note shows a product page example.  I'm not using any custom inventory settings, I've...
Sounds good thanks Nicholas! What do you recommend?
Hello, Thank you how would you prefer to connect?
Hi Community, I've just enabled the expected delivery rate as a custom processing time of 3 business days - but wondering where I can add a note to this default time where I have products made-to-order? I'm looking to avoid having the customer see th...
Hello Community, I'm running into an issue on my product pages where I have variants listed and the option to include available inventory is greyed out - see screenshot below:  I have enabled inventory tracking on the Locations page for my default lo...
Hi Sahil, No problem, I can provide access - do you charge for this help? If so, what's your fee?
Hi Sahil, Thanks so much for your reply. I'm interested in your help with the code for both issues - what would be your next step to get started? 
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