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Hi I implemented what I could from your suggestions. I couldn't figure out how to add a call to action to the first image so I rearranged the page to have a cta above the fold. Do you know how to add a button that isn't stuck to the center of the mai...
Thank you for the feedback, I will work on making it less wordy!
Hey, feedback is appreciated. Would love some input on these landing pages. Personally I like them but need to see if I am going in the right direction. #1 coffee https://www.swellnutritionshop.com/pages/landing-page #2 Mushroom blend https://www.swe...
Hello, I would like to do this as well but can't find the matching section to replace in my dawn theme. Around what line of code is this?
Thank you that's very helpful. I will try lowering prices for now. I do offer free shipping which is why my prices are higher but maybe that is a drawback initially. I will also add a logo to my store header. The ads are confusing because i get a hig...
Hi I don't really have any social proof to ad aside from a couple testimonials due to being a new brand.
as title says spent over 400 on Facebook ads and can't get any sales. Over 20 add to carts but no conversions. Site is https://www.swellnutritionshop.com/ Landing page is https://www.swellnutritionshop.com/pages/landing-page Any help appreciated 
HI this only works for desktop. How do I apply the same change to mobile
Hi I was wondering if you could take a look at my site. I am having the same problem. https://www.swellnutritionshop.com/pages/landing-page
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