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How do I fix the "Invalid Attribute Value [Image Link]" on my products in the Google & Youtube app on Shopify? I've created 2 different merchant centers for 2 different clients. One I created directly through the Merchant Center and have no issues. T...
Thanks Emmanuel, I'll give this a try. Will let you know if I am able to figure it out or not.
I only have 1 to 2 images on the majority of my products. They are all clear images, in the right format. When created in the merchant center, no issues. The same images are used when creating a merchant center through the app, and it claims to be in...
I'm having issues connecting merchant center accounts to the Google & Youtube app in Shopify. I've already created the merchant center connected to my gmail account, verifying the business and everything. When I go into Shopify and try to connect it ...
Also looking for the solution to this problem. Came here for this issue, as I've been trying to figure it out and fix it for weeks now. I've tried renaming and re-uploading the product image, and then changing the URL. Did not fix the "Invalid Attrib...
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