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Thank you @EBOOST , that definitely helps!! I currently need to pause taking orders, however making each product quantity to 0 just shows it as sold out. 1) It might just be a frustrating experience for the customers to find that nothing is available...
I'm unable to track inventory for any of my products as that option seems disabled (screenshot attached). This is causing customers to place orders that are difficult for me to fulfill and I'm looking for immediate help on the issue. I'm using Narrat...
Figured it out, thanks Richard.
Thanks Richard, that worked out well. Can I include a property in the same code to extend the slideshow to the top of my website, allowing the header or navigation to float atop the slideshow images?
I've incorporated custom CSS code into the slideshow section on my homepage to properly adjust the image height for mobile viewing. However, that leaves a grey gap between the slideshow container and the image heights. I want to remove this grey gap ...
Hi @Sweet_Savior_3. I'm familiar with editing code on Shopify to some extent, would you be willing to point me in the general direction of the code?
Gotcha. I'm familiar with adding code to some extent on Shopify, would you be able to point me in the general direction of the code to be added for the slider on the home page?
Link to store: position of slider: I would like my puzzle collection or original artworks to appear as a slider, happy to try it for either right now and see how it fits.
I want to adjust the height of the slideshow in the Narrative theme for mobile optimization. I'm looking for help  with the following aspects, which could be interconnected:I have set the 'adapt to first slide' setting and the height of all images ap...
I'm an artist and use Shopify for my online store. I'm currently using Narrative theme and looking to create a carousel (like a filmstrip with a horizontal scroll). I haven't been able to find this option anywhere within the theme and have come acros...
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