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You had a lot of visitors, but no sales. This means that the conversion rate is low, you need to some optimization to boost the conversion rate. 
So you mean the user may add more than one hat into the cart. And you want the functionality to customize the text printed on each hat. Right? 
hi, I am willing to help but How to contact with you
may I ask one question: why shopify ask you to provide such documents? 
as the time of writing(Jan. 2024), share what I learn about this topic based on my investigation with App Bridge V3.  The App Bridge library is designed only for embedded app. This statement has two meanings: Embedded App must use App Bridge, otherwi...
As the time of writing this reply(Dec of 2023), Let me share what I learned about this topic.   If you want  to setup a standalone Shopify App, then it will be 100% same as all other SaaS apps. The only difference is that the backend of it will commu...
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