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I am using the "Order Printer" app to create receipts, but it shows the date the receipt was made, and not when the order was placed. Is there a way to change it from "todays date", to the date the order was created? Here is the code: <p style="float...
I am trying to link to an external site through the text on a campaign, as our campaign scheme only allows for linking to collections. Though, when I am inserting the external link on the text, the whole section glitches. I have attached photos showi...
We looked through the liquid code and found the text that said "Din bag" and changed it to say "Din handlekurv". 
Did you have the chance to take a look at it?  Thanks! 
I am trying to install an app on Shopify, but I get this message:"You need permission to view this pageEmail the account owner to get access to this page." I am the owner and logged in on the account I "need access from".  How can I proceed? How do I...
We are using a theme called Suave.  Here is the link to the webshop.
Hi, we have a problem when it comes to the shopping cart changing name when an item is removed from the cart.  Usually, the shopping cart says "Handlekurv" (or "Din handlekurv") and that is the correct term we want to use, but when an item is removed...
Thank you so much, it worked! 
The problem is that our theme don't have a theme.css file. We have an application.css.liquid file. Can we apply the code in that file?
I'm attaching some photos taken on mobile where the problem is visible.  It is shown where the customer selects the size, as well as the drop down menu for brands. In the first picture, you see the bold font on the button as well.  
Thanks for looking into this for us! Our URL is
We have a problem on our website on mobile – some links is shown with the default blue colour. Also, the text on the buttons on mobile is in bold, while this is not the case on desktop. We would prefer the buttons to not be i bold on mobile, and the ...
Which suggested doc do you mean?  Alternatively, would you know if there is a plugin/app that we could use instead for the hover effect, that would work with our code?  Thanks!
The url is: For the hover effect design - we would like for when you hover on an image of a product, the second image uploaded will display. Just like it shown through this guide. Thanks for looking into this! 
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