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Thank you for your answer! Unfortunately, with this block there is no "Custom CSS" option..Is there any other way to create blank lines/format the text?  
Hi, once again I am asking for your help. On my product page I have an accordion menu. I can't find a way to format the text: If I type in blank lines, it still shows every line without space inbetween. This looks confusing and unattractive.https://w...
Danke für die ausführliche Antwort! Ich fürchte, dann muss ich mich tatsächlich mal einen Tag hinsetzen und die Varianten so zusammenschustern. Der CSV-Import kommt für mich (u.a.) mangels Ahnung nicht in Frage. Ein eigenes Produkt mit und ohne Rahme...
Hello!I need your help once again. I have a store for prints of analog photos. So far I have sold prints only (without frames), now I want to sell framed pictures as well. But adding these new variants is very tedious and complicated. Is there perhap...
That worked!Thank you very much for your help!
Hi, I recently set up my shop for art prints: www.kanal-100.comI sell fine art prints of my analog photography. I like the page but haven't made any sales in the first 2 days so far...Please feel free to give feedback! Thank you.
Hi, I recently got my page www.kanal-100.com online, where I sell art prints. I did ads on Google and Facebook/Instagram. Together I got - according to Google and Meta - like 200 clicks on my landing page. The Shopify Dashboard shows very few visitor...
Hi, I am looking for a possibility to create dropdowns in the text of my products. For example like Google's "People also ask": Basically I want to show only headings first ("Paper", "Printing and delivery", "Sizes") and only show the text if someone...
Hi, could you please help me again? I couldn't find a solution... If I click on a photo of one of my products in mobile mode (on desktop mode, it works just fine and slightly zooms in), the photo is shown very much zoomed in. Also you do not have the...
Hello,could you please help me?When I make a bullet point list in Studio theme, the size of the font shifts. The list is then very small. The rest of the text remains normal and easy to read. How do I change the font of the bullet point list? How do ...
Nice!Thank you for your fast answer and help. That did the job!
Hi, I am trying to create an outline and/or shadow for my headline of my shop that I placed on top of a photo. I found solution for Brooklyn theme for example, but not for the Studio theme I use.  https://www.kanal-100.com/Can you please help? Thank ...
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