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Hi @StephensWorld,Thank you for your suggestion; I will definitely take it into account.However, as a last chance, do you think it's possible to achieve my goal by involving a developer or using an external app?
Hello everyone, I would need a hand to understand if Shopify allows keeping a payment pending from a user until the receipt of their order.More specifically, I am designing an e-commerce site that sells mystery boxes, and I would like users to have t...
Hello! Thank you so much for your input; it's very helpful, and this app definitely seems like it could be a good fit for me. I'm interested in understanding if it's possible to further customize the experience by adding different images for each siz...
Hey there, thank you for your comment.Unfortunately, this is not what I was looking for since it is not focused on pre-designed "shop the look" solutions, which is my main product. Thank you for your time though!
Hello everyone, I'm in search of an app that enables me to customize bundles of clothing and accessories. Specifically, I want the ability, when choosing a size different from the initial one, for the selected item to be automatically replaced with a...
Ciao a tutti, sono alla ricerca di un'app che mi permetta di personalizzare delle bundles di vestiti/accessori in modo tale che, al selezionare di una taglia specifica diversa da quella iniziale, l'item in questione venga sostituito con un modello di...
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