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@Pragon I am sure I can help with this.  Were you looking to have just icons, or actual buttons?  If buttons, where did you want them to link to?
Hi @1cando1t ,Thanks for reaching out.  I had a quick look at the issue you're experiencing and the problem is due to your images having different aspect ratios.  The result is that the height of each row will be dependent on the height of the talles...
Hi Marko, that sounds like a pretty easy fix. Perhaps pop a link of your site and I'll have a look.Best,Paul
Hi Ashciel,You might find this useful:  
Hi @sweetstash ,This may not provide a perfect solution but it may provide you with a workaround.  See here.Best,
I'm sorry to hear that Irfane.  That seems to be the fix in my browser.  Depending on where you placed the code it may be being overwritten. Drop me a message if you'd like me to have a look at your code, for this I would need a collaborator code.
Okay, I've had a quick look and this shouldn't be a difficult fix.You could try the below.  However, this may affect other elements. .banner__content.banner__content--bottom-center { align-items: center; justify-content: center; opacity: ...
Hi Irfane,Are you able to give a little more detail on your problem?  Do you mean that you're looking to make the text transparent or the image transparent?  Is your site publicly available to view?  Or do you have access to some of the code that you...
Hi Acoronel,I'd be happy to have a look into what might be required, no promises.  Can you let me know what app it is that you're using? 
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