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I am trying to fix it in the header.liquid file but from all of the code I have been implementing, the changes that occur are either none or for other things totally different. This is some part of the code with which maybe you can help me:{%- liquid...
it does have one, I am using the dawn theme. You can check the screenshot below where it activates for media screens below 750px. But I don't where it is located to adjust it as needed... 
I did try the code but still the same, could it maybe work if we make the drawer appear instead of the menu for sizes where the menu contents would be stacked upon each other? 
I will try it right away, but there is also one more question I made regarding the width size being too big and kind of out of control. Do you maybe have some suggestions for that too? 
Can I make the fonts smaller when the device display is smaller for exampel from a 17inch or smaller it would have smaller fonts?
Hi all,I am having issues figuring out how to adjust the hover content on the website to adjust to only the appropriate option and not be on full width.Please see attached picture below regarding the issue.Then I am having another issue when the opti...
Dear Ole,That is the issue, it is not listed on the automatic entries I gave in the ladies collection. The only entry I gave to the collection is Title contains ladies, and the product's title does not contain ladies.As a solution if we can call it s...
For anyone who checks out his here, I have found a solution to this problem.I created a new page as a copy of the default template and edited it from there. The screenshots should suffice.1st go to the preview builder, (customize button in online sto...
Hello dears,I have recently created a new template on the edit code part, and named it page.working.shoes.liquid.I opened it in the preview builder and it does not show me a section where I can edit the body which is in my case called template rather...
I have a product that is automatically joining the wrong collection even though I have not selected it to be included in the said collection.Please refer to the image below for more information.As you can see the Ladies collection is being automatica...
Whilst trying to customize the landing page's theme settingsI unknowingly changed the theme style into the default theme and now all of my customizations are back to the starting state. Is there some sort of way we can undo changes, because the CTRL+...
Thank you for your effort and contributions, this does help too in my case where I have more than 1000 products, but it is not the perfect solution. The perfect solution seems to be the redesigning of the pictures one by one as explained by @Studio_D...
Please do not make a joke of this, if you are not going to approach this professionally or logically and no profit comes from you don't make this any longer. I value your time and effort but please stop this part where you keep asking to try the squa...
Okay, here is the picture of when I select square option:And here is the code when I select the Portrait option:I kindly provided you the following pictures to prove my point, although I was sure it was implied in the beginning. Kindly refer to them ...
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