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Hi I would like to highlight some key points about my product like the image beneith.I already tried making an image with these textboxes, but it doestn't contain the right size, even when i keep editing the size in canva and it looks a little blurry...
Yeah, not exactly what I was looking for, but maybe I will give it a try with the more advanced tutorial. Thanks for the input !
I would like to add some important key points of my products on the product page beneith my add to cart butten, like lifetime warranty, white gold, Cubic zirconia and Luxury gift packaging. I will add a picture of how I would like to see it. My websi...
I put this on the bottom of my base.css file and it worked! Thanks
Hi, I need a code that works for my theme (craft) to change the product titles on my collection page to bold. I already used a code in my base.css File to make the title bold on the product page, so now i only need it on my collection page. https://e...
Okay so there isn’t just some coding possible that I can do myself? And how much would something like this cost?
Hi, I would like for my drawer menu, and drawer dropdown menu to have a nice rolling effect like this store https://drippy.amsterdam/ , My store url: https://ebloui-jewellery.com/password: ebloui
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