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Hello Space-EsNevermind my previous messages, it WORKED  Thank you so much! I've made a donationThanks so much for providing this solution. I've given it a try and it worked for a standard page which is great but I can't see it as a section on the p...
Thank you so much!! It worked 
Hey there, thanks for giving some options. I tried them all including searching and removing - nothing matched those terms in the search unfortunately. None of the solutions worked, but here is the website link if that's useful?
Hello, unfortunately none of these solutions worked. Here is the page link if that would be helpful?
Hi there,I would like to remove the search icon and bar from my Combine theme. I've tried previous solutions posted (for other themes) that haven't worked.
Sorry but this only changed the grid on my home page which had a featured collection (this changed from 4 to 3 columns, you can actually change this through the theme settings. I am looking for some code that will change the product grid (on the defa...
Thanks KabirDev, can you tell me exactly where I should paste it in my theme.css file? Appreciate your help.
Hi Team_OSC, this setting is not available for the product grid. Your screen shot is showing the settings for a featured collection which is different to the product grid. Thank you anyway!
Hi there, I am using a Combine theme and would like to change my product grid from 4 columns to 3 columns. It is not an option with the template so I will need to inject some custom code. I've seen it work for people using other themes in the communi...
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