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thank you squat it worked
i have dm you
Thank you so much!
@Sajatand  I have found the <div class="footer__blocks-wrapper grid grid--1-col grid--2-col grid--4-col-tablet {{ footer_grid_class }}"> but I don't know where exactly I need to put the code in 
Hey Sajat, I have found the footer. liquid file but I still do not know where the blocks section is. I try to look for it with command f but it gives me 9 blocks section in my footer file liquid
 does anyone know how I can solve this on mobile. On desktop it looks good but on mobile it does not
Hello everyone, my store is called, can anyone help me to move my newsletter signup to the footer section I wanna do it like the second picture?
Hey everyone, my site is and I wanted to ask if I can change the blog posts on the homepage so that the text will go on the other side and the picture to the other side. I wanted to have like a couple of posts where one time the picture ...
My site is
Hey everyone, I wanted to ask if any of you have the same problem. I have added a sale price on most of the products but the problem is sometimes it shows the price it came from and that it is for sale but sometimes it does not?
Hello everyone, my site is:  I would like to ask anyone who has some knowledge in google search console. I would like to add a rich google snippet with prices and aggregate rating, review... for all my products. At the moment I use a rev...
thank you so much, it works!!!!  do you know if there is a possibility to make those edges where the dots are between them disappear?
hello, my site is Lamyglam.Com. does anyone know how I can remove the arrows and play button but keep the dots? Also tried to change the dots colours to white, but they all changed white can I make it so that it shines white only if its in the shown ...
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