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Hi  I have been trying for days now and google to find a way to do this but i can only find old ones  
Hi guys, some of the products that im going to sell will not be at stock some time and i want my customer to filter products that is on stock or out of stock so they dont have to click in to one and one product to see if its on stock or not. But i st...
This did work! but what code do i need to use for orange ?  
Hi guys, I want to have my inventory status dot green when i have products on stock but when the product is out of stock customer can still buy the products beacuse i have put on Continue selling when out of stock. But when the product is out of stoc...
Sending you a pm  
Hi, I want to move my sale tag down where the price is if possible Also i want to remove the "bubble" the tag is in.Is this possible
Thanks alot that work!
Have send you a privat massage  
Hi guys, i want to change the color on the star rating in the product grid but i really cant fint out where to do it. 
I wonder if someone can tell me or guide me to a thread that explains how I can change the inventory status regarding the following:Wants customers to still be able to buy products even if they are sold out.- When a product is sold out, I want the bu...
Hi, Im new with shopify but i hope someone can help me out here. I want to have my inventory satus on the Product grid as well. is this possible ? I have been looking all over google, youtube etc but cant find any guide. Im using Dawn 
My page is just new and its under building so there is not much. Do you have a guide or can help me out please massage me
@PageFly-Theodor I have been serching for it all day and have try to find a fix for this but i really cant fint it  So if you have a guide or can help me get this done please do  
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