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Hello Guys, I don't see where I can add the comments and stars (review) block below the product. Someone has a solution ? Thank you in advance. Kind regards.
Hello, That's perfect, thank you ! Could you add a code for the higher price ?  It doesn't display...
Hello Guys, I fucked up my price display on product page.  Could someone share his code to adapt with mine ? Thanks a lot. Chris.
Hello Guys, I want the change the background in black (#000000) And the button border in gold (#C99362). Where can I modify it ? The theme Sense don't allow to change the colors of the customer pages. The link :
Hello Guys, I want to change the background color of page and boutons. HELP ! I'm bad  For the page :  1. Connexion : Create an account : Password forgotten...
Hello Guys, My theme is Sense. I can't change the colors of the background, boutons and so on of the pages "connexion" "create an account" and "reset your password" I would like to have the same colors of the others pages. You'll find my website link...
Hello Guys, I want to change the color below my slideshow into #0f0c12. And remove the button play of the slideshow. Someone can help me ? Thank you in advance.  
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