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after using this code in Origin, now im getting translation errors in the Admin Theme editor gui. 
this seems to half work. The clickable area is still shown, at least for my Origin theme, there is a black box in the middle of the banner which is the clickable area. This should be transparent but unsure how to make it so.
I setup an image banner and removed the buttons and text since there are not movable and right in the middle of the banner. i would like to make the image clickable. i know i have to edit the image-banner.liquid code but unsure where to add a <a href...
thats all good but i still need to put the link at the bottom of the page. That's the issue, is putting the link to the Cookie Policy.I would expect that the policy page be setup that you can add other content. Shopify ! please do this.
 hi, so as i stated, i have origin theme and once a user (not logged in) goes to the checkout page, there is no way to remove items from the checkout. Also, the cart icon on the top left doesn't show (see image attached), yet it does when going to th...
yes i know about the policies and i have them all setup, what i need is there is 2 more documents I want linked in that section but I cannot find the code to alter and add the 2 additional links which are Do Not Sale Policy for CCPA and the Cookie Po...
Hi, I have the Origin theme. I enabled the policy section. I would like to add the CCPA and Cookies policy to this section but don't know what code/page to edit. Can anyone help? greatly appreciated.
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