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Thanks for letting me know. Thing is that I have exactly same thing for my customer with company "Packeta" and it is working perfectly. When a customer wants to ship his order to parcel shop and he selects that option then after completing the order ...
Hi guys, I wonder if is it somehow possible to put into rate name custom emoji, such as DPD icon for DPD shipping option, UPS icon for UPS etc... thank you  
Hi guys, I have not found any guide so I came here for help. Do any of you have expericence with integrating DPD widget to Shopify. What I mean is that when customer select shipping with DPD and he wants it to be shipped to parcel shop there should a...
The output would be all sizes that matches the condition (filled compare at price) si the first solution you have mentioned. I already have one I just tried it here first. 
Yes that is the problem. I would like it to be able only filter and show sizes where is filled “compare at price” column, that would ensure that only discounted sizes would appear 
Hello, I have tried to put it to certain section in custom css and then I have also tried to put it to base.css but it is not working for me.
Hello,I have a problem here that might have a solution. On my store I have this specific collection called "sales". I have there some sneakers on sale BUT there are only specific sizes on sale, not every size. Is it somehow possible to show that spec...
Honestly you saved me! Thank you. 
Solution here: .collection-list__item .card__content { position: absolute; left: 0; bottom: 0; height: 100%; display: flex; align-items: flex-end; opacity: 0; } .collection-list__item .card__content .card__information { padding-left: 20px; }Add it in...
Hello, have you found out? Currently I am trying to figure same problem. Thank you.
Well nevermind, thank you very much.
so it means that picture cannot be clickable without displaying a title under it. Is it right?
sure https://www.sole-bake-store.cz/
Hello, is it somehow possible to make disappear names of specific collections in collection list? To clarify it you can se in the picture what I wanted to remove and then how I wanted it to make it look. Thank you  
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