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link of website :  https://halawaorganic.comthis text display on every product you open. 
I want to change one word on my product page as you can see in image it's showing available :  available under share tab it doesn't make any sense I want to change available: in stock.I tried from theme setting it's not there. Theme name: Lammer v2Li...
lammer shopify theme v4
I have slider with multiple images to show after 5sec timer set. But my slider is not  changing images it's only showing 1 still image can you please help me ? url: https://halawaorganic.com/image attached: 
What if I want to replace this video with any video from my own?
Hy, I just created new shopify theme with theme name "lammer" but under my product page there is one video on loop that I'm unable to change or remove from my all products pages. can anyone guide me? link: https://halawaorganic.com/products/halawa-or...
The Shop now button for the slideshow won't show on mobile device. I've tried many settings and watched a bunch of videos and nothing has been able to fix it. I don't understand the problem cause I've made stores in the past and the text was shown on...
It's almost done still 2 digits are not showing properly last 2 digit. 
I just started my shopify store I need help in one little thing on Home page my product prices are half cut down it's not showing full price with add to cart button. Please check attachment image where I have marked circles from where price is not sh...
I have found "#" in theme code but what link should I paste there. I don't know what link need to be posted there for newsletter.
Hy I'm Using theme name : organic :  I have checked all setting of theme but found one issue. When I enter any email to my website news letter it redirect me to that page with "#" . website : https://halawaorganic.com/
That perfect Working  button gone on left side can you send code for button get on left side ?
No Luck ! I tried this but position of button remans the same!
Yes you are right just need to shift button on right side of main slider image is anything possible?
Hy I want to change Position of my " Shop Now" Button on Main slider I have tried but still unable to do it can anyone help me to do this. Theme: "organic"website link: https://halawaorganic.com/
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