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legend! thank you on mobile only if it asks for a password: ecommfirst
Hi All, why is the first multicolumn box bigger than the rest on mobile, can it be the same as the rest? North theme
the store is still in development, the password is ecommfirst
Hi all, need to remove the product count as shown below. theme: North URL: 
Thank you!! Is there a way that this can be overlaid on Mobile? 
Hi All, using the trade theme. there is no option to add a video to slideshow nor is there an option to add text over a video. Is there a work around for this? Thank you Daniel  
Thank you, this has worked for the search preview, however the price still shows when you hit on search, can the price be removed form the search template. see below. 
Hi all, I have hidden the product price of 'watches' in collections however the price still shows in 'search'can this be hidden?  URL:
Hi Moeed, Do you know how I can hide the products price on the search page of my website. it still showing after your code 
Hi This code is still not working. Do you know any other way this can be done? the price is hidden from the collection page but I need the price hidden from the search page.
Hi I followed this and unfortunately the prices still show in search, see below. 
it is for product type 'watches' thank you
Hi All, need to hide the price of a certain product type as is enquiries only. Need to hide the product price from the search.Theme prestige, URL, Daniel
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