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Hey, there's a great app for this: if you're on Shopify Plus then at the begining of February they added this feature natively. 
Well that's a shame. With flow we could probably set "if inventory in warehouse X is 0, exclude from X market", but it just removes the page completely instead of showing out of stock. 
@HulkyZo wrote:Hiii Darius,Avoid Shipping from the US when Out of Stock in the EU:You can use inventory management to set inventory quantities for each location. When a product is out of stock in the EU, it won't allow customers to order unless you h...
My company has 2 warehouses. One is in the US working with NA and one in Europe fulfilling European orders. I have a product with 50 units at the EU warehouse and 0 in the US. In shipping routing there's only 1 rule saying minimize splitting fulfillm...
Hi everyone, can someone help me find a way to duplicate metaobject entries? That would save me a lot of time...
Thank you for very detailed reply! I will go over these and check them. For №3 here's a picture from our woocommerce which might explain it better: is a woocommerce discount rule, which acts as a group for m...
Hi everyone, we're migrating from WooCommerce and we have hundreds of different coupons and dozens of discount rules. Basic Shopify coupons don't satisfy our demands and we can't set up the same agreed deals we have right now.  This is approximately ...
Hi, I'm working on a new (our first) Shopify store and have 2 questions about this app and translation process in general. 1 - I can export and import csv of language strings via settings > language, but it's a massive cumbersome file I have to spend...
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