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That's what the workaround I posted earlier is!    
1. Learn how to count.  4 steps != 20 steps.  2. The workarounds are bringing more value than you are right now, so until you've managed to convince Shopify, you can keep your thoughts to yourself and we will post workarounds if we want to.  You're f...
These are not free.  We shouldn't have to pay to make something work the way it should.  We're already paying! 
@jkmdf wrote: I think everyone should stop posting work arounds.Doing the above is not going magically make Shopify fix this, so in the meantime, all we have are workarounds and yes, they should be posted, to support everyone while we wait. 
Okay, I played around for a few minutes and this is what I came up with... although I don't know if I've done anything that might affect me negatively elsewhere.  My situation is that I own an online clothing store and the way our products were set u...
Bumping this one up.  I can't understand why Shopify thinks anyone would want to see archived products.  At least give us a check box to show/hide them.  
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