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I’m using dawn theme 
Hello!I am having trouble moving the CONTACT and TERMS links shown in the image. I would like them to be moved below the social icons. I was given help with this for the desktop view, and applied code to fix that. I haven't been able to make the chan...
Hey!With my updated dawn theme, this worked  but it only worked for desktop.Is there a way to now put the contact and terms under the social icons for mobile view?Thank you!!!!
Sorry to bug you.I have just now updated the theme to new dawn update. So my old theme and changes are not applied now.Could you please take a look now, and let me know how to fix it? Sorry again
Sorry, I must be doing something completely wrong  I have just added the code in and again it didn't work
No I mean the terms have moved but not into the correct position. Here is a photo of desktop view and mobile view.
Thank you so much. It seems to have changed now but not in the correct positions for both desktop and mobile view. Is there something else I need to change? Your help is much appreciated!
I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. I have just added the bracket as you have shown, but again it did not change. Sorry 
I just changed the password back. If I have messed up the code previously , how can I fix it now? The code you gave me didn’t work 
I added it to the base.css file, but it didn't change anything
the password is vdt12345
Hi,How do I move the footer menu (contact & terms) lower, next to the social media icons?How do I remove the separator line?I am strugging to do this. Thank you.
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