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Hi@Anshul_arora,Thanks for the help. I have tried this. But it is similar not Exactly what I'm looking for. Can you check this on my website About Us – umadev-store. PW is: "123456"  Thank you.
Hi @Tech_Savvy Here I'm sharing the website link About Us – umadev-store.PW is: "123456" If user Clicked on the about us, then the breadcrumbs is showing good. After the use navigate to company details page then it should be show the breadcrumbs like...
Hi,I want add breadcrumbs to the pages. I can be able to add 2 level breadcrumbs. But I want to add 3 level breadcrumbs. I couldn't get that any example of 3 level breadcrumbs for pages.Here I'm attaching the image for the refence. Can anyone please ...
Hi, Here I'm attaching the image. And I want to add header to that choice buttons too.
Hi, I'm customizing a checkout-UI extension app, Here I want to hide and show the text when user choose an option.Like I have 3 options If user choose the option1 I want display same text related to the option1. If user chosen the option2 I want hide...
Hi, This is what I got till now.Thank you 
Hi,I want a collapsible section. Here the content category are side by side in a row. Is it possible to do that.Here I'm attaching the image. I want like that. Help me  How to do that.  Thank you
Hi ,I want change my collapsible content icons when it is Active it show an icon in the left side is "-". And if it is not active show "+" icon. I working in dawn theme. Here I'm attaching the image also please check it once. Can Any one help me this...
HiI want to show the tax amount on the cart page, but default it showing in checkout page. So I need to change that to cart. how it will be possible.Thanks in advance
Hi @webforte I'm also checking the same thing. If your query is solved can you help with this. Thanks 
Hi @suyash1  Is there any page links can you please share me so based on that I can followThank you
Yes. I'm familiar with HTMl/css . But here we are using liquid code so that it is not reflecting.
Hi @suyash1 thank you. Can you share some sample code so that I can understand very easily.Thank you 
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