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Thank you man !!
I want to add a banner image on my homepage and make it responsive, the way this website has ( ) What should be the image resolution and how can we make the image not crop when we decrease the screen width?I'm attaching 2 videos, one...
 I want to add a gift option on the product page, like the one above in the picture. How can I achieve that?my website link :
How can I create a category list like this ? 
This set the height to auto, but the issue persists. I want the image in the slides to not get cropped, currently what is happening, is that the height remains 420px, and when the width decreases the height doesn't increase so the images started gett...
This will change all the collections right? can I add this code to custom liqiud section to produce the result ?
How can I create a customized section like this on homepage ?my website url: www.bahaaar.comThe screenshot is from:    
Here the my website            
Here the my website url :
I'm using a sense theme, and I want to change the height of the slider to auto so that the images inside the slider don't get cropped, how can I achieve that      
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